OWNER: JESS, The Vibe Creator

My love for the industry grew in college within my sisterhood. As struggling college students, we depended on each other for the latest hairstyles and beauty enhancements. After years of slaying my friends, one finally pushed me to finally consider my gift as a profession. I took a chance on myself and enrolled in the Kelly Baker Brow class. With the knowledge and skills gained, I then birthed The GorJessFace in 2015. With this foundation, my love for the business continued to grow as I then completed my licensure under the 3D Lash and Brow School in Dallas, TX. After 5 years of professional, spiritual, and skillful growth the GorJessFace has now transitioned into NurtureSoul, LLC. NurtureSoul is built on the tenants of empowerment, unity, diversity, and self-care. It is my core belief that all clients are a canvas in which I have the opportunity to accentuate their natural beauty. I’m simply here to help women achieve what they may felt was the impossible with their inner beauty. Whether getting your lashes and brows serviced or utilizing the carefully crafted natural products…It’s a vibe every time you get NURTURED.
With Queen Jess, all things are pure, genuine, and NURTURING.

Mission Statement: To NURTURE the soul by accentuating your inner beauty.

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